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Cell phone forensic examinations are used widely in all areas of investigations. From simple missing phone numbers to deleted text messages and call records, cell phone forensic examinations can reveal a wealth of information about a person’s activities. It is now possible for law enforcement to obtain deleted text message and phone records. With this type of investigation the investigator does not need physical access to the device. All he needs is the ability to turn on the phone and get immediate results. Cell phone forensic examinations are used not only by law enforcement but by private investigators and even insurance investigators.

Cell Phone Forensics

In the line of work that cell phone forensics investigators perform, the importance of erasing all evidence of cellular phones from devices is of utmost importance. The sheer volume of cell phones currently in circulation exceeds the entire population of the planet, and that speaks to the residential potential of cell phones. All phones have unique serial numbers. When the phones are disposed of, the owners often erase these numbers. It is in the nature of the data that it will eventually be deleted.

Because of the nature of the data, cell phone forensics investigators now must work very hard to get the information off of smartphones. Erasing the numbers is not always sufficient, and in some cases the information may be still on the device. That is because the majority of smartphones use the default wipe feature. Whenever the user turns off the device, the operating system will automatically erase all stored information. This means that even if the phone is resetting, all data associated with the user and their usage will be lost.

Another way that cell forensics investigators recover data from smartphones is to install a program onto the devices. This kind of software has the ability to bypass most safeguards that are in place to prevent the deletion or modification of data. Once the program is installed, the cell phone forensics investigator can access the stored information and determine exactly which devices the emails or text messages came from.

Today, there are many different programs that are available for download on the internet. Some of these programs can be used by individuals to spy on their partners. Others are designed to gather information from locked iPhones or iPads. If an investigator has access to a mobile device, they can easily take this information and use it for their own reasons.

The nature of modern technology means that there is often a lot of being downloaded onto cell phones. In fact, there are so many different types of malware that it is impossible to keep track of all of them. Cell phone forensics experts often must deploy additional resources to conduct malware investigations. The only way that they can do this is by creating a database that contains malware samples. Once the analysts have the malware samples in hand, they can look through each one to identify the particular malware strain and the people who created it.

There are two primary methods used to perform cell phone forensic examinations. The first involves hacking the devices directly using programs that are designed to compromise the security of a wireless device. These programs are popular because they are easy to use and often work without any noticeable damage being done on the victim’s device. The second method of accessing the data on the cellular devices is through a process known as “exfiltration”. This method works by gathering the data on the infected cellular devices and transmitting this data over the Internet. This method requires a direct connection to the infected devices in order to work properly.

Regardless of the method of extracting information from the affected smartphones or iPhones, it is important that all data is securely removed and that no unsavory data is left on the mobile devices. The specialized software used by cell phone forensics experts allows them to easily do this. They can even recover deleted texts, contact numbers, call records, photos and other data on affected smartphones. These specialists can work on cases involving federal organizations, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies and any other group that require the expertise to extract useful information from mobile phones.