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Surveillance investigators perform in various organizations. Specific responsibilities and duties may vary, but generally there are some core tasks associated with this job, which include:

Surveillance Investigators

When assigned to a case, surveillance investigators communicate with the investigative client to define the case of goals and specific investigation needs. They gather information that will be used in the preparation of the case. Surveillance investigators are also responsible for conducting interviews of witnesses and for carrying out background checks. Additionally, they must investigate the people who may have access to the case material or facts.

Background checks generally involve conducting research on a person’s background and civil record. There are many private investigators who offer assistance to businesses and corporations to conduct employee background checks. Some investigators specialize in conducting corporate, business, and residential background searches as well as federal, state and local records research. In addition to running background checks, these investigators may also offer other services such as document recovery, fax machine recovery and information security.

The primary responsibility of a surveillance investigator is to observe the activity that takes place within the workplace or place of employment. Observation includes monitoring the actual employees, or persons employed by the employer, in activities outside the premises of the business. These professionals also may monitor and report on the activities of other persons. In order to qualify as a surveillance/surveillance/investigative professional, an investigator must have an active license. Most private investigators are required to obtain a license through state law.

Many private investigators offer surveillance investigator services to employers and government agencies. There are many companies that specialize in outsourcing background checks and domestic surveillance investigations. One of the benefits of hiring a private investigator is that they can obtain and review nearly any type of record. Typically, investigators have access to national and international databases and can obtain personal records, criminal history reports, bankruptcies and more.

While there are many benefits of outsourcing these types of investigations, there are some disadvantages. One of the key advantages to using surveillance investigators is the ability to conduct secret investigations. This allows the investigator to obtain information not available to the general public. However, most private investigators do require client consent before gaining access to any type of record. In most states, it is legal to conduct investigations on people in the state, unless the individual is accused of crimes.

Many corporations utilize the services of surveillance investigators. Some of these corporations include multinational corporations that require constant monitoring and the ability to respond quickly to any situations that they may encounter. In addition to performing investigations and conducting secret observations, surveillance investigators can serve as a liaison for organizations and individuals. This can be particularly beneficial if an organization needs to coordinate with other entities, such as law firms and private investigators.

Private investigation can be incredibly useful in detecting corporate fraud and wasteful spending. Additionally, it can be used to prevent the theft or mishandling of company assets. Another advantage is to obtain information about coworkers, contractors and even board of directors. Regardless of what type of investigation you require, whether it is a general criminal investigation or a corporate internal investigation, it can be extremely beneficial to hire the services of a surveillance investigators.

The investigation process begins with the surveillance team. This consists of a number of individuals including the surveillance investigators, a monitor, a camera and a recording device. All of these individuals must have good common communication skills in order to properly carry out their duties. Their job is to ensure that the surveillance operation runs smoothly without any issues.

The video footage that is obtained from surveillance investigations can be used in a variety of court cases. Some of the most common proceedings include civil litigation, pre-employment verification, insurance claims and, of course, internal affairs investigations. When carrying out these investigations, private investigators often use video equipment, including hidden cameras, video cameras and CCTV (closed circuit television). Some of the equipment that can be used includes; surveillance cameras, hidden cameras, digital video recorders (DVR), cell phones, video intercoms, GPS systems and computers.

Other types of surveillance investigations may include; pre-employment verification, pre-employment background checks and even pre-employment criminal background checks. A private investigator may also conduct interviews in order to obtain information regarding an individual’s credibility, reliability and dependability. The investigations that take place can range from simple surveillance to more complex operations. No matter what type of surveillance involves, it is important to hire a professional surveillance private investigator to conduct investigations in a professional manner.