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Cell Phone Forensics, also known as cell forensic investigation or mobile device forensics, is a specialized field of professional expertise in the area of mobile device (cell phones, smart phones and lap tops) research. This specialized field is engaged on the investigation of cellular devices to determine their owners and recover deleted text messages and other data from them. This can be an extremely rewarding career opportunity with unlimited potential for advancement. The main task of this kind of job is to track down messages and other data by utilizing the power of the mobile devices. The data is generally gathered during investigations conducted by law enforcement agencies for court cases.

Cell Phone Forensics

In order to get the job done, professionals must possess vast expertise and skills. The primary requirement to perform this kind of job is possessing good technical skills and knowledge in dealing with cellular smart phones, PDAs, smart phone memory cards and other related software installed in the mobile devices. This specialized software needs to be installed in the mobile devices so that it can successfully collect and save all the important data that will be essential in performing the job. There are several companies engaged in the business of cell phone forensics, offering different kinds of specialized software and services. Such companies may offer software to back up service so that it can easily recover deleted data.

There is no dearth of skilled professionals who can perform the job and can recover deleted data from any of the popular cell phones. Apart from that, it also provides easy access to the data contained in the mobile devices. Many people, in spite of possessing sound technical knowledge in the handling of cellular, smart phones mistakenly call their cellular phone numbers from unrecognized numbers. Such people are not aware that the unrecognized numbers come under investigation and thus the need for specialized software to analyze the deleted data is also necessary. Another common issue that arises is the violation of privacy of the concerned person. Such experts have high level of confidentiality on their work and use sophisticated means and tools to protect the interests of the victim as well as the criminal.

There are certain services which are offered by various companies engaged in the cell phone forensics. These services include service request form recovery, forensic data recovery, cell phone forensics report generation and service request form imaging. The service request form recovery is an important service which enables the investigator to easily retrieve any of the important data stored in the mobile devices. The same is followed by the forensic data recovery, which is essential in recovering any important data such as SMS messages, MMS message and email messages from the cell phones. The cell phone forensics report generation is helpful in examining the collected evidences in a complete state. Last but not the least; the service request form imaging is used to recover any picture or any other form of data from the deleted data.

If you have lost your cellphone, then it will be useful to know that this technology has been developed for helping investigators in recovering any information or data stored on a cellphone. This is a result of the Cell Phone Forensics being employed in many legal as well as criminal investigations. The best thing about this is that there is no need to physically analyse the device. Rather, all that is required is to conduct an online search to retrieve the required information which is then uploaded on the websites offering cellphone forensics.

The cell phone forensics have the potential to extract any text messages, address book and email address of a user from a cellphone. In addition to this, they can also recover deleted SMS and MMS messages along with pager id and a telephone directory which can help in locating a person. Apart from this, the investigators can also retrieve any video recording made by the user of the mobile devices.

The best thing about the technology is that it helps in accessing a person’s contacts as well as the phone book. This is a result of the cellphone numbers being available on the Internet. Thus, there are various websites that offer mobile device forensics tools. These websites however, require a valid credit card for the user to access the services.

When using the services of the cellphone number lookup, the investigator is able to retrieve the caller ID, call logs and all the text messages that are exchanged between the user and the prankster. The best part about the services provided by the websites is that they ensure the privacy of the users. In addition to this, most of these websites offer different payment plans which help the user in choosing the best option. Some of the websites also offer a money back guarantee in case the services offered do not help in the recovery of the cellphone. Thus, if you wish to retrieve any important data from the cell phone of the prankster, then it is time you consider using the mobile forensics tools.