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A career as an accomplished criminal defense attorney investigator is a very rewarding, but challenging vocation. This is a job that requires someone who is analytical and thorough to obtain all of the facts in a case and then build a case, negotiate with the prosecution and obtain the ultimate verdict. In this type of job, it’s important to know one thing: you are always under surveillance. Your targets may be criminals, confidential sources, witnesses, confidential documents, and countless other sources.

Criminal Defense Investigators

One reason criminal defense investigators are being sought after is because they can provide a “game changing” testimony. Testimony from criminal defense investigators can impact a person’s life or the outcome of a case by helping to prove the innocence of a client. The new evidence discovered can completely change the outcome of a case and can sometimes mean the difference between facing minimum and maximum jail time. Criminal defense investigators work closely with their clients to gather evidence that is not only relevant, but valuable as well.

Other reasons criminal defense investigators are being sought after is because the job is challenging and potentially rewarding. As stated above, a successful case means the rescue of a client from jail time where most people would lose their chance at free as a result of the charges against them. However, there is also the financial aspect of being a private eye. For example, investigators spend thousands of dollars in fees to secure witness cooperation and gather physical evidence. Therefore, private investigators are being sought after by both the government and the private sector due to their skills and their ability to obtain highly confidential and unique evidence.

Often criminal defense investigators are asked to take on a double duty role of investigating and then interviewing a potential witness or suspect. Because the goal of the investigation is to obtain solid evidence to support a client’s arrest and prosecution, the investigator must learn as much about the case as possible. It is important for an investigator to learn not only the identity of the defendant, but also where he or she is located, his or her past criminal history, any aliases the person may use, and what financial resources they may have available. Along with all this information, an investigator should also learn what type of environment the defendant and the victim reside in. For example, does the area have a large concentration of drug stores or banks that might have ties to the criminal activity?

Another reason why criminal defense investigators are so sought after is because the government hires them to perform these very difficult investigations. In many cases, people convicted of serious crimes such as possession of drugs and trafficking have no legal representation at all. Due to budget cuts, local authorities are often forced to turn to indigent defense attorneys to help them fill their vacant positions. Hiring private investigators who have experience in conducting investigations and interviewing witnesses can mean the difference between getting the justice that you deserve and receiving a lengthy sentence.

A criminal defense attorney can be an asset to having one’s case dismissed. Often times, a defendant who has a strong case that he or she will be able to negotiate a more reasonable sentence if it is offered up by a court appointed lawyer. These specialized lawyers make use of their experience in negotiations and plea bargains to get their clients out of jail and back to living their normal lives.

Because there is such a high need for trained criminal defense investigators, there are numerous training programs that have been put into place. Each year, a group of defense attorneys from across the country are invited to attend the American Academy of Legal Research and Submissions conference. This seven-day long conference on criminal justice holds the world’s attention as hundreds of delegates from around the world come to attend the most prestigious legal education ever. Attending this prestigious conference provides aspiring criminal defense attorneys the necessary information to prepare for their position.

Not only does attending these conferences provide criminal defense investigators the information they need to become more proficient at their job, it also gives them an opportunity to network with other professionals. Attending one of these conferences gives you the chance to meet other professionals in the field and gain valuable networking contacts. If your career goals involve working closely with the public defender agencies throughout your state, then you should attend at least one of the many nationwide recognized private investigator training programs. There are a number of highly reputable training programs that are available to take a look at. Some of these training programs offer the best in security systems, surveillance techniques and investigations.