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Private Investigators in Jacksonville

Private Investigators in Jacksonville – Gain Access to the Most In-Depth Sources

“A1A Private Investigators is a private investigative company in Jacksonville, Florida that offers investigative services all throughout the State of Florida.” Our Florida private investigators are also properly bonded, licensed, and insured. We specialize in child custody, infidelity investigations, truancy detection, employer/employee screenings, public records searches, vehicle searches, surveillance, and many more! Our investigators can meet your needs for corporate, private, or home surveillance. Our Surveillance solutions encompass the entire spectrum of investigations; we have a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, which is why our business is growing at an amazing rate!

Private investigators may work for large corporations to conduct employee surveillance, determine the scope of potential lawsuits, or monitor the activities of competitors. We offer our clients innovative technology that allows us to easily and rapidly identify suspicious activities. For example, our infrared motion detectors can locate concealed cameras or hidden video recorders. Our investigators may also use software to locate missing children or report missing persons. Our surveillance equipment and accessories allow you to monitor your home, office, shop, fleet, and anywhere else you need to watch.

Private investigators in Jacksonville, Florida are experienced in all areas of investigation. Jacksonville is the preferred city for corporate, high risk/confidential, or personal investigative assignments. We provide a safe, secure environment for our clients. Our experienced investigators possess the knowledge and tools to deliver the most comprehensive protection for our customers while maximizing their potential. In short, if you want it done fast, we do it fast!

Experience is essential to being a private investigator in Jacksonville, Florida. You need to be prepared to work as an independent contractor, performing the task outsides of your establishment while working on your contract. You need to have knowledge of all law enforcement activities in your area. Jacksonville and the surrounding areas have strict laws in place governing investigation and undercover activity. Our experience, education and resources to help us abide by those laws and protect our clients.

As a private investigator in Jacksonville, Florida, you may work on a contingent basis. This means you will work for one company for an agreed upon period of time. If you are hired on a full-time basis, you are responsible for conducting an entire investigation. Our commitment to the community ensures we hire only the best investigative professionals.

A criminal history background check is a part of all employment decisions we make as a private investigator in Jacksonville, Florida. We perform comprehensive background checks and criminal history background checks on all new employees and any new transfers within the agency. We perform these searches on the individuals themselves, as well as their spouses or significant others. We perform these checks on potential candidates whenever we interview them, as well as during every interview that involves a transfer of a person’s duties.

In addition to conducting investigations and surveillance on employees and clients, our investigators have a wide range of responsibilities. Many of our investigations focus on missing children or exploited women. We provide testimony in court cases and represent victims in civil litigation. Our Surveillance investigations include identifying and tracking criminals through GPS and other tracking technologies. We even do video surveillance of businesses and properties that pose a potential threat to employees, clients or anyone else.

Whether you are looking for private investigation in Jacksonville, Florida or any other state, there are qualified professionals to assist you. Our job is to match you with the best private investigator, with the experience and education that best suits your needs. We will investigate anything from corporate sabotage to human trafficking and computer forensics investigations. If you have any suspicions or if you need help with an investigation, contact us immediately. We’ll get you started on the path to finding the answers you seek.