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Working as a surveillance investigator, a private detective agency will often use a combination of techniques to investigate crimes. Their job is to follow a suspect before he can make it to his “target”. If he does get there, the surveillance team will then record the information they are searching for.

Surveillance Investigators

Some surveillance investigators specialize in a particular area such as child predator investigations, sexual assault investigations, corporate crime, missing persons, or white collar crime. Other investigators specialize in an even narrower field such as intellectual property enforcement, Internet fraud, or intellectual property theft. In any case, working as a private investigation agency will require a keen eye for detail, knowledge of specific law enforcement agencies, computer and written technology knowledge, and a great deal of patience. Sometimes it may take several years before we find out a suspect’s whereabouts.

The job of surveillance investigators is to follow up on any suspicious activity that may occur. They follow the target of the investigation using various methods such as video equipment, secret cameras, GPS trackers, cell phones, hidden cameras, and other electronic devices. When a surveillance team observes activity on a suspect or someone else’s property, they record it using covert surveillance equipment. They report their findings to the law enforcement agency through a formal written report, a statement provided to them by the subject of the investigation, or an audio recording.

For many years, undercover surveillance investigators have provided vital evidence in criminal justice cases. Before the development of digital video recording technology, this method was necessary because only video recordings could preserve a crime scene. As a result, criminals were able to escape detection. Digital video recordings today allow investigative teams to obtain physical video recordings from crime scenes. They can also obtain video recordings from security systems and business computer systems.

Surveillance investigators are needed in many different types of investigations. For example, if you wish to investigate the activities of a suspected company employee, you need to have proof that the employee committed a crime. To obtain this evidence, you need the help of surveillance investigators. Their assistance will ensure that you obtain the proof that you need to bring the employee to justice.

There are other specialties of investigative services offered by private investigators. One type of specialty offered by private investigators is corporate and private criminal justice consulting. Corporate and private investigators perform background checks, civil and trial preparation, pre-employment screening, corporate fraud protection, and pre-employment security screening. Private investigators also conduct interviews, administer drug tests, and provide psychological evaluations. These professionals are needed in many different fields of industry, including: entertainment, food service, medical, software, and manufacturing industries.

If you are interested in private investigation, it is important to understand that much of your job will be in the hands of surveillance investigators. Much of your case research will be performed by these professionals, so it is vital that you trust them completely. When conducting investigations, private investigators will rely on surveillance techniques such as video surveillance, secret listening devices, and GPS tracking to collect evidence. They will use interviewing techniques such as interviewing subjects on their own volition, posing as a neutral third party, or asking a variety of questions to obtain information from the subjects.

It is important to hire surveillance private investigators that understand the physical surveillance involved in uncovering a criminal investigation. Physical surveillance involves following a subject for a period of time to observe their behavior. For instance, if you are suspecting a child’s activity inside a school, you may observe a teacher checking the student’s lunch and taking notes. This physical surveillance involves taking a number of precautions to ensure you don’t get caught by the subject. If you choose to hire a surveillance private investigator, they should be experienced in physical surveillance.