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how can a defense investigator help me

How Can a Defense Investigator Help Me?

How can a defense investigator help me? Many times the answers to these questions are provided by the professional that they have hired. Defense investigators are experts in the physical sciences as well as the criminal justice system. The investigation process begins when they are hired to serve as an observer, not a prosecutor. The purpose of this is to determine whether or not there is sufficient evidence to proceed with a trial. They are often present at a deposition where other attorneys are questioned regarding any type of evidence, physical or otherwise.

Physical evidence such as blood evidence or fibers can be analyzed by these professionals. Once they have collected this information, they may review it and make their opinion as to whether the evidence provides reasonable evidence to meet the state’s burden of proof. Often times, they will opine based on their personal opinion. However, attorneys are usually entitled to argue that point of fact unless it is rebutted by physical evidence.

An investigator may gather cell phone records and investigate the call log of the residence of the target of the investigation. This can sometimes provide the defense with more evidence to prove that the defendant did not in fact place the call. Additionally, an investigator may dig up dirt on the spouse or partner of the target of the investigation. This type of action may be used to refute the claim that the target of the investigation committed the crime. It is for these reasons that the employment of an investigator may be sought after by defense lawyers.

Unfortunately, not all prosecutors permit the use of private detectives to assist their cases. In some states an investigator is not permitted to testify about anything that cannot be proved. Defense investigators are sometimes allowed to give instruction to prosecutors before a trial, but only if they have clearance from the prosecutor. In other states an investigator may consult with a witness for both the defense and the prosecution, but he cannot discuss any matters that are not relevant to the case.

How can an investigator to help me? The information an investigator provides can be very valuable. It is often used in court cases. Before a person is arrested, a detective may provide information that will show probable cause for the arrest. The same information may help an experienced investigator to draw conclusions about the guilt or innocence of a person.

Who is an investigator? Private investigators are usually employed by law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, IRS, or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Some attorneys may refer their clients to an investigator, while others may not. The majority of private investigators are former police or jail inmates. Some may work independently, but most investigators are part of an agency that hires them.

How can a defense investigator help me? If you are being charged with a crime, you should always consult with an investigator to determine your options. Although most attorneys are unaware of the services an investigator may provide, you may have some questions about his background, training, and experience.

Can an investigator testify on my behalf in court? Yes. However, this is not a service commonly utilized. Most criminal cases are settled out of court. The investigator’s role is more geared towards gathering information that will prove helpful to your case.

Do all of the information the investigator gathers have to be given to the defense? No. He or she may only need to present certain pieces of information that directly pertains to your case. Information the investigator obtains may be used in preparing statements or conducting surveillance.

How can a defense investigator help me? An investigator who is retained by your attorney will provide you with a number of options when it comes to fighting your case. You may be able to negotiate a plea bargain that gets you reduced charges or sentences.

What is the cost involved? Attorneys do not often provide this kind of professional assistance. Many legal firms and private detectives charge hourly fees for their services. Some do offer a discount if the case is won and filing costs are borne by the defendant.