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“A1 Investigations is a private investigator agency located in Jacksonville, Florida that offers investigative services across the state of Florida. Our Florida private investigators are properly licensed, bonded, insured and professionally courteous Florida private investigators.” – Patrick G. Gaffney, President and owner, A1 Investigations

Private Investigators in Jacksonville

Private investigators offer investigative services to include pre-employment screening, personal background checks and more. They can also help in the employment verification process for prospective employees, conduct interviews and more. Their expert knowledge in the area of child custody litigation is invaluable. When you and/or your spouse are in a difficult situation regarding a child custody dispute; you need the expertise and experience of a skilled and highly qualified private investigator. A good investigator can help you resolve the matter amicably and ethically.

In today’s day and age, it is very important to have an investigator on your side. The internet has made it very easy for anyone to research information on anything. There are many stories of people who have used private investigation to resolve an issue within their family, workplace, or even community. The internet has allowed many households and organizations to share their stories with other households and organizations. The most prominent example of this would be the story of Mike Weiss, who was a victim of hate crimes and ended up being able to solve his own case due to the perseverance and professionalism of one of Florida’s finest private investigators; they were able to help him win his life back.

Private investigators have a lot of experience in the area of investigation. They can be extremely helpful in a situation where there is a legal issue at stake, such as an eviction from a property, foreclosure, or when a business owner has been the victim of theft. There are many cases where a private investigator was able to save a business from closure, they were also able to help victims obtain justice. For many cases it is difficult to obtain the evidence that is necessary in order to prove the guilt or innocence of a person involved in a crime. With the help of a skilled investigator, this can be accomplished by obtaining important evidence that proves what the other party is guilty of.

Many parents are concerned with the backgrounds of their potential child care providers and employees. This is especially true when it involves the issue of daycare centers and child care workers. With private investigation, it is easier to find out these background checks are done. A qualified private investigator will know how to acquire these background checks.

Many times in the area of litigation and criminal activity, the role of a private detective is absolutely critical. Whether it is an eviction case, wrongful death, personal injury, corporate fraud, or child abuse, the use of an investigative service is essential. When investigating crimes, many times there may be illegal activities taking place that involve employees or criminal activity. The role of a private investigator in this situation is absolutely critical.

Private investigation in Jacksonville is not only used for criminal matters, but for all types of investigative services. As a matter of fact, many times a Jacksonville private investigator is asked to be involved in a situation that would require background checks or to obtain information for other purposes. These investigative services are used for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common uses involves daycare centers. Daycare centers are always in need of good people to watch children. The role of a private investigator working in this area would be to investigate any possible criminal activity or employee criminal records.

When hiring a private investigator in Jacksonville, it is important to do your research. Explore the various types of agencies and choose one with experience in this type of field. A good agency will have both experts in this area and qualified personnel. Additionally, when interviewing potential private investigators in Jacksonville it is important to inquire about the background check and criminal record information they provide. As these are the two main things you want on your person when you hire a private investigator in Jacksonville, you will want to know what is available.