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“A1 Investigations is a private investigative company in Jacksonville, Florida that offers investigative services through the State of Florida. Our Florida private investigators are properly licensed, bonded and insured.” This is one of many things you will learn about the A1I as you conduct your research about the company. This article will cover information on the A1I and what they do to provide quality service to clients in the State of Florida, throughout the entire state of Florida.

Private Investigators in Jacksonville

One thing to remember about hiring a private investigator is that they are going to perform a thorough background investigation on any person that they interview. They will check with the major credit bureaus to get a full history on a person. They will ask to see references and other personal information on a potential employee or client. You can learn a lot about how trustworthy someone is just from their reference information. So, when you hire local private investigators in Jacksonville keep this in mind when you meet with them to discuss your case.

Another great reason to use the services of a private investigator is that these investigators can help uncover hidden evidence and information that can prove useful in a court of law. For instance, if you are looking to hire some private investigators in Jacksonville to help uncover evidence of a drug crime, the first place you should look is A1 Investigations. They have an excellent reputation in the private investigation industry for uncovering hidden facts, proving people guilty, and assisting clients in the defense of a criminal case. In addition to helping you uncover evidence of a drug crime, A1 Investigations can also help uncover details about other crimes such as identity theft, spousal abuse, fraud, tax crimes, child pornography, kidnapping, fraud, civil lawsuits, murder, sex crimes, police brutality, police misconduct, hit-and-run accidents, and more.

If you have been accused of a crime, it is important to have an experienced attorney by your side. A good criminal defense attorney can help you retain the evidence needed to successfully defend yourself in a court of law. While you may think you can hire your own private investigators in Jacksonville to conduct investigations on your behalf, this is often not a good idea. Many times a skilled attorney can better represent you and find witnesses and direct evidence that will help you achieve a positive outcome in your case.

Perhaps you think hiring a Jacksonville personal injury attorney is more cost effective than hiring surveillance investigators to find out information about another party. In order to protect yourself, your family, your business, your home, and your employees against fraudulent activities, you need to hire competent individuals to investigate the suspect. There are many reasons you need to hire a professional investigator. You could be the victim of theft or a cheating spouse. Insurance defense investigators use video surveillance equipment and witness testimony to help their clients win their cases.

Many people in the Jacksonville area are familiar with the services of Missing Persons Detectives that utilize technology to locate a missing person. These highly trained experts utilize the latest technology to determine if the person is safe and well. Surveillance investigators can locate a person and recover valuable items that could be used as evidence in a court case. Property owners, business owners, managers and owners of residential complexes, banks, franchises, and condos can utilize missing persons investigators to locate a missing person. Often times a private investigator will travel to the location of the missing person has disappeared to perform groundbreaking search techniques that sometimes reveal vital clues to locating the missing individual.

You may want to hire an investigator to conduct an on-site accident reconstruction due to a crash, fire or medical malpractice case study. This is one of the most common types of case studies performed by investigators. An on-site accident reconstruction uses the best available information to determine the cause, recovery procedures and monetary losses resulting from an accident. Private investigators in Jacksonville have the experience and expertise to conduct thorough and effective on-site accident reconstruction due to a medical malpractice case study or a fire accident.

Perhaps you are a married or single parent trying to find out if your spouse is having an affair. Private investigators in Jacksonville offer discreet services to help you learn the truth about whether your spouse is involved in an affair or not. If you are concerned that your spouse is having an extramarital affair then you need to obtain hard evidence before you confront them. Infidelity investigations require a lot of work and patience, however, with the help of a professional investigator in Jacksonville you can rest assured that you will receive the evidence you need to take action.