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Private Investigator

Why Do People Hire a Private Investigator?

A private investigator, or private inquiry agent, is someone who may be employed by people, organizations or NGOs to undertake investigative investigation activities. Private investigators usually work on a contingency basis for lawyers in criminal and civil cases. They follow leads generated by their clients, following up on leads until the end of the case by using several methods, such as surveillance, secret observation, video surveillance, phone taps etc. In addition to carrying out investigations and gathering information, they may also advise their clients in legal matters.

There are many situations where private investigators can be helpful. These include: tracking down or finding missing persons, trace the whereabouts of people who has been illegally relieved of their custody, providing intelligence during raids or terrorist acts, tracking down business owners who have been conned or embezzled, stopping a spree of crime, rescuing children from kidnapping etc. All these require thorough investigations. For example, if there is any suspicion that a missing person may be forcibly relocated, a private investigator can help in getting details regarding his current location, frequency of movement, route of travel, current employment, and other relevant information that may help in finding him.

Another very important function of private investigators includes surveillance. They use different forms of surveillance to gather information. They may use video cameras, surveillance cameras, GPS tracking systems, secret cameras, secret listening devices, computer bugs, video and audio recording equipment, etc. The objective of any kind of surveillance is to either find something or to stop it. As far as finding information is concerned, private investigators may use search tactics to find relevant information.

Private investigators work on a variety of tasks. Some of these include: corporate investigations, corporate frauds, tax evasion, witness recovery, missing persons, missing money, background checks, financial investigations, insurance claims, etc. However, most of their jobs are concentrated on corporate investigations. As a matter of fact, all kinds of corporate Investigations necessitate extensive investigation of the corporate offices and departments.

Private investigators may also conduct surveillance to investigate a crime. This may involve gathering information from suspects or witnesses. The goal of such investigations is to either convict a suspect for a specific crime or to implicate a crime in another investigation. In this case, the goal is to either implicate a bigger crime or to prevent further crimes from taking place.

Besides corporate investigations, private investigators may also be hired to gather evidence against someone for a court case. Here, he would again use different forms of surveillance to gather information like hiding documents or changing statements. He may also use intercepting phone calls to gather evidence against a suspect. Hiring a private investigator to gather evidence against someone will involve a lot of paperwork. For instance, he will need to have access to the place where the incident took place, a computer that has been used by the suspect, any DNA samples that he may collect from the suspect and so on. It is worth noting that most states require private investigators to get a warrant before they can start gathering evidence against a person.

When it comes to surveillance, there are two types of it: physical and digital. Physical surveillance refers to conducting surveillance over a specific location or over time. Digital surveillance, on the other hand, uses digital means of capturing or monitoring data. Both of these are used for criminal justice investigations, especially in serious crimes like homicide, arson, sex offenses, kidnapping, drug crimes, fraud and others.

There are many reasons why people may hire private investigators. Most common, perhaps, are cases involving crimes against property, drugs and money laundering. Another reason why people may hire private investigators is when they suspect their partner of cheating. Indeed, this is one of the most popular reasons for hiring one, especially since hiring an investigator has become so easy. However, if you’re going to engage in any form of investigation, be sure that you make the best use of the services offered by the best private investigators.