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Surveillance Investigators works in many various organizations. Specific responsibilities and duties may differ, but generally there are some core tasks related to this job, which include:

Surveillance Investigators

When assigned a case, surveillance investigators collaborate with the law enforcement agency to define the cases specific background checks and goals. They interview witnesses and obtain any investigative records they can locate. They conduct thorough investigative interviews of potential target(s) and are responsible for obtaining any possible electronic or physical evidence that could be helpful in the investigation and prosecution of a suspect. Surveillance investigators are also responsible for executing numerous background checks that pertain to the individual they are investigating. Once completed, these background checks provide the investigative agency with important information to help them build their case against the suspect. Surveillance investigators use multiple methods to obtain all of the data they require.

Many different private investigation agencies rely on surveillance investigators. Some examples of such an organization are: Global Services Corporation, Kroll Ontrack Inc., and Quotiento Ltd. These investigative companies have acquired several different private investigation companies in order to obtain the best available information. They perform investigative background checks, employment verification, employer verification and criminal records checks. They also perform searches on individuals and sometimes use GPS trackers to monitor individuals. Many businesses hire private investigators as well due to the specialized nature of their industry.

In order to perform effective investigation services, surveillance investigators must have thorough knowledge and experience in computer related investigation services. This is especially true if they are conducting surveillance on someone that is utilizing computers. This type of computer activity is referred to as “cyberpace”. Computer surveillance investigators are trained to investigate cyber crimes, protect corporate assets and collect private information from individuals who utilize computers for illegal activities. The basic purpose of investigations conducted with regards to protecting corporate assets is to prevent loss of business due to employee theft.

Private investigators that specialize in Internet related investigations may be contracted by government agencies or intelligence agencies. Individuals that have specialized knowledge in network investigation are often referred to as “cyber investigators”. Individuals that are hired to conduct surveillance and investigation services may also be referred to as “cyber investigators”. As a general rule, any individual that specializes in investigation that requires the use of computers must possess extensive computer knowledge and training in order to effectively and accurately perform their job.

There are several different types of surveillance investigations. Each type requires private investigators that have specialized knowledge in the particular type of investigation. For example, there may be specific computer crimes that are considered “cyber crimes” and there may be specific IP address locator techniques that are considered “cyber crimes”. The investigator that is hired to conduct surveillance will need to know everything that there is to know about these computer-related investigations in order to properly investigate the matter. For instance, if there are videos or digital audio recordings that have been deleted from an individual’s hard drive or other storage device then the private investigator will need to access that type of information in order to conduct surveillance investigations.

Private investigators may also be called upon to assist law enforcement agencies in the execution of federal crimes. For instance, if an individual is being investigated for operating a criminal enterprise or if there is evidence that a crime has been committed the surveillance investigators may be employed to track down evidence. In some instances, a private investigator may even be needed to track down a person involved in an outstanding warrant of arrest. When conducting surveillance investigations, it is important that an investigator fully understands the legal restrictions placed upon them by the law. For instance, a person is not normally allowed to use electronic devices such as cell phones or pager to place a call while they are being investigated for suspicion of a crime.

If you are the owner of a business or home and have concerns that you may have been the victim of surveillance, you should contact a surveillance private investigator today. The investigation process will normally begin with the property owner making an inquiry about possible surveillance. If they are satisfied with the answers provided and believe that nothing was done, they will typically request a copy of the recorded material. When consulting a surveillance investigators, the property owner should ensure that they receive all the documentation relating to the incident including a written statement by the surveillance investigator.