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Criminal Defense Investigators

Requirements For C DI Careers

What is a Criminal Defense Investigators job and how does it differ from other law enforcement officers? A Criminal Defense Investigator (CDI) stands for: Closed-book procedures. A Criminal Defense Investigation (CDI) is the method by which the press is made aware of any impending criminal investigation into a person’s arrest or impending charges.

There are many different roles for CDI’s within the judicial system. They include: interviewing witnesses; collecting evidence; conducting thorough investigative research; and obtaining transcripts and / or tapes of pertinent conversations. Virtually all criminal defense investigators are former police officers.

Once a suspect has been arrested, a CDI is often then called upon to interview several individuals regarding their knowledge and/or actions of the suspect. This portion of the investigative process is referred to as “interviewing”. Interviewing witnesses is a key component to a CDI investigation. In many investigations, the testimony of one or more witnesses is critical to obtaining a guilty verdict. Often times, witnesses will provide information that will either strengthen or weaken the prosecution’s case. In a criminal defense investigator’s role, a witness’s cooperation is extremely valuable to the case.

After interviewing witnesses, a CDI will prepare a report for presentation to the judge and / or jury. This report will consist of the findings and conclusions drawn from all witness interviews. Along with these findings and conclusions, criminal defense investigators report will typically include an exhaustive list of questions that were asked by the investigating officer. These questions will be used to help determine if a suspect in question actually committed the crime.

In order to become a CDI, one must meet a minimum educational requirement and obtain a law enforcement certification. The number of years of law enforcement experience is not required in order to become one. Most criminal defense investigators begin their careers by working as an officer in a smaller town. Often times, they are assigned large towns with a higher crime rate to begin with.

Many begin their careers by working in a small town police department. Once the investigator has proven themselves to be professional, they may then be promoted to a detective or an agent. Although agents and detectives are required to have the same education and training as police officers, an investigator’s job is slightly different than that of a detective. To be a C DI, one must have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Nationwide Recognized Private Investigator (RPI) training programs are offered at many colleges and universities. The U.S. Department of Justice and many nationwide public defender agencies are responsible for selecting and approving the best RPI training programs. An accredited CDI program will provide you with both the knowledge and skills needed in order to become a highly successful and knowledgeable criminal defense investigator. The nation’s top colleges and universities offer programs which will give you the information, training and certification you need to become a nationally recognized private investigator (RPI).

Many local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are now requiring criminal defense investigators to be certified. The vast majority of law enforcement agencies have recently re-ordered the necessary qualifications and have begun to review applications from law enforcement officials around the country. If you are currently an active C DI and have applied to several different agencies, it is imperative that you complete your application properly and timely. It is highly recommended that you apply to more than one agency. Each agency has different submission requirements and will require unique information and signatures. It is better to apply to several agencies rather than not at all so that you have the best chance of being selected.