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Daytona Beach private investigators specialize in uncovering criminal activity and civil frauds. Their services are used by companies and individuals to resolve legal and personal matters. They conduct background checks, interviews, investigation, litigation support and court reporting. Private investigators from Daytona Beach have access to databases containing information on sex offenders, criminals, convicts, civil and bankruptcy matters. They can work independently or as part of a team and their services are available 24 hours per day.

Many times Daytona Beach private investigators join other professionals such as hiring attorneys to perform due diligence on an applicant, do pre-employment screening and pre-employment background investigations. Daytona Beach private investigators are not licensed by the Florida Department of Financial Services but are considered competent and ethical in what they do. They adhere to strict state and federal laws and can offer their services to corporations, LLCs, government agencies, law firms, individual consumers and any other entity needing investigative services. Their investigations span across all areas of human endeavor, making them versatile and useful. They are considered experts in the field of corporate, fraud, public and employee criminal investigations and are experts in providing investigative support in the following areas:

Background Check Pre-employment – Daytona Beach private investigators provide background investigations and are also skilled in conducting employee criminal background checks. They conduct employment background checks to verify information provided by applicants, verify dates of employment and perform drug tests. They are also skilled in performing GED tests (General Education Development test) and GED preparation.

Lying Test – This type of test is often used to check whether or not an applicant is telling the truth about their education, work experience and other information. Lying can be a costly mistake and can cost your business, your reputation and your career. Daytona Beach private investigators are trained in lying detector tests and they will help uncover any liens that may have been told by applicants while applying for jobs at your company. They will help uncover any discrepancies in the information that may be present. They can uncover the truth by utilizing their extensive training and tools.

Initial Free Consultation – Typically investigators charge a fee for an initial consultation. If you choose a specific Daytona Beach Private Investigator, you can expect a free consultation. During this free consultation, a private investigator will assess your needs and discuss how best to meet your needs. The initial consultation is typically designed to determine if you are a good fit for the investigation. If you are determined to proceed with the investigation, you will be required to make several additional payments depending on the nature of the case and the objectives of the investigation.

Criminal History Checks – Daytona Beach private investigators can also provide criminal history investigation. They can help you obtain a background check to discover any civil and criminal history information regarding the individuals that you are investigating. Information provided by the individual’s criminal history may include traffic offenses, DUI convictions, arrests, and other relevant information. This type of investigation can be extremely helpful if you are considering hiring a private investigator to assist you with your legal affairs. It can also be extremely helpful if you have reason to believe that someone you know is cheating on you. A simple criminal history check can reveal many things about an individual that you would not learn without a thorough investigation.

Employment Background Checks – Sometimes a simple employment background check may not be enough to uncover appropriate information. As an example, if you have reason to believe that a potential employee may be a danger, you would not obtain a job with an applicant without additional investigation. With that in mind, Daytona Beach investigators have a range of resources that they utilize to conduct additional investigations prior to interviewing applicants. Many employment background checks can be conducted simply by speaking with former co-workers and current employees. With that in mind, Daytona Beach private investigators have an excellent reputation for conducting investigations that reveal inappropriate use of company funds, inappropriate sexual advances, violence in the workplace, and other relevant information.

When selecting the best private investigators in your area, it is important to remember that not all investigators are created equally. There are many reputable companies in the market place, but there are also many fly by night operators who are more interested in making a quick buck than providing you with quality investigative services. Selecting an investigator that works for a well-known, credible company will ensure that you will receive quality investigative services that are timely and comprehensive. Reputable companies will always provide you with a free no obligation quote. Therefore, if you have a pressing need for investigation services, Daytona Beach private investigators are your best option.