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Working as an undercover surveillance officer, surveillance investigators operate independently with their private employers or state law enforcement agencies to gather intelligence for legal cases and to draw conclusions from the information they gather. This position often includes visiting a person of interest, secretly recording the encounter, and bringing all of their findings into the court records for analysis. Surveillance officers report directly to the supervising investigator and are not allowed to discuss the details of the case with anyone except the people involved. Legal surveillance may involve many different techniques and often targets people who are considered to be of special interest to the surveillance. Such people may include controversial politicians, journalists, controversial business leaders, and other public officials.

Surveillance Investigators

Surveillance is often carried out without the knowledge or consent of those being spied upon. When this occurs, it is called “oral covert surveillance”. For example, an investigator may secretly video chat with a suspected spy. While the conversation is taking place, the suspect is unaware that he is being recorded. If the suspected spy continues to discuss details of the case after being notified by the investigator, that individual could face serious criminal charges.

During traditional video surveillance, the presence of an investigator is needed to obtain all of the information. However, digital video surveillance allows a mere “remote” access to all of the information that has been collected. With digital video surveillance, remote investigation is possible. All of the information is gathered, stored electronically, and can be viewed quickly and easily from anywhere. Surveillance investigators may video chat or send emails to a subject which allow them to keep in close communication with the subject while performing all of the necessary investigations. This allows for a hands-free approach to the investigation which is both less time consuming and more effective.

Because surveillance investigators are professionals, they are often very good at their jobs. However, even the most skilled surveillance private investigators cannot see things behind the lines of darkness and smoke. Therefore, they must rely on technology and computer applications to supplement their work. Computer software such as spy-ware, keyloggers, and malware programs all aid the investigator in finding and keeping track of evidence.

To provide investigative services, surveillance investigators must have vast experience in their particular field. They should also possess specialized training in order to perform their best. Many investigators begin their careers by working as security guards and police officers. Surveillance investigators can also choose to specialize in one particular area of law. Specialization helps to guarantee that the surveillance investigator will possess the skills and knowledge necessary to adequately investigate and present cases to attorneys and judges. In some states, these investigators must be licensed in order to carry out their investigative services.

Often surveillance investigators use surveillance equipment and tools that help them detect illegal activity. For example, investigators frequently use GPS trackers. They may also listen to cellular phones to find out if the call was made from an unknown phone. They may also look for signs of surveillance equipment such as hidden cameras and alert systems in suspect’s offices or homes. Some investigators specialize in a specific area of law. For example, surveillance investigators may specialize in wire tapping, video surveillance, computer surveillance, handwriting analysis, and secret interview techniques.

Surveillance investigators often use complex surveillance equipment and devices. They may install GPS trackers in cars and other vehicles that transport suspects. In some cases, surveillance investigators monitor phones using voice recognition technology. Other investigators use a combination of sophisticated tools and sophisticated technology to complete their case. Those who prefer not to put their faith and credibility on technology often use more traditional forms of case research and investigative services.

Today’s investigation services require surveillance equipment and devices that help the investigator to effectively conduct their job. Whether you prefer the sound of sirens and lights, or surveillance equipment and techniques, you can be confident you’ll have tools and technology to fit your needs. To complete your search for the perfect surveillance investigator job, it’s important to utilize the best services available. The best surveillance investigator job will provide you the peace of mind you need to complete your case.