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How can a Defense Investigator Help Me? By hiring this investigator, he/she is allowed to follow the proceedings in a criminal trial whether or not the Defense Attorney is present. The main reason for doing so is because he/she will be able to gather and compile evidences which will be helpful in court. He/she may also work closely with the Defense Attorney, but will still follow the proceedings.

how can a defense investigator help me

It is true that this job comes with a lot of responsibility. The investigator is required to follow all court rules and regulations. Observing the trial could mean the difference between a conviction and a acquittal. In some instances, it could mean the difference between a life sentence and a life with parole.

If convicted of a crime, an Investigator will work as a key witness for the Defense. The witness will provide vital testimony to help the Defense develop their case. This will in effect, save their client’ life. In extreme cases, the criminal can even be saved if the testimony of the Investigator can be backed by solid facts and documentary evidences.

How Do I Know I Can Trust This Person? Once you have hired an Investigator to help you, there is no way you can trust him/her. A good Investigator will always put your interests at the top of his priority list. He/She will not be distracted by other things such as personal relationships and personal feelings. An Investigator’s only concern is getting reliable evidence for your case.

Are You Being Paid For This Service? It is true you are being paid for helping the Defense Attorney with their Case. You will not be made to do several other tedious jobs. You will be left with hours to focus on each case and work as hard as you need to. In exchange for this service, you will receive impeccable accuracy and professionalism in your work.

Do You Have To Stay Within The District? – Some states restrict what an Investigator can and cannot do. In other states, an Investigator may be allowed to handle multiple cases simultaneously. The more cases they are able to handle at the same time, the better for you and your attorney.

What Are Your Costs? – Cost is certainly an important factor. How much are you willing to pay to get the best results for your case? Ask yourself this question before hiring an Investigator. You do not want to hire an Investigator who is very expensive, but at the same time you do not want to spend too much and still be unable to produce results.

How Do I Choose The Best Defense Attorney? – Once you have hired an Investigator to help you, it is important you choose the right one. Do your homework. Check with your local bar association. Make sure that the Investigator has the credentials needed to legally conduct investigations in your city or county.

How Do I Get The Results I Want? – The results from each investigation are never known until the Attorney’s case is closed and there are no findings and recommendations of criminal case law. Make sure you select an Investigator who is experienced in doing various types of investigations. Investigators who have experience in complex cases like yours will understand your needs and what it takes to present a strong case.

How Do I Know The Investigator Is A Good Candidate? – You need to carefully vet any professional whom you hire to assist you with your criminal defense case. It is critical you do this. If you have any doubts about the Investigator you have hired, request further information about their background and experience.

How Do I Get Legal Help If I Lose The Case? – It is unfortunate but sometimes cases do not turn out as you had hoped. If this should happen you may need to retain the services of a good investigator to help re-build the case and get it to the next level. A good investigator will be aggressive, diligent, skilled and very knowledgeable about the criminal justice system.

How Do I Find A Defense Investigator? – You will have many resources to choose from when trying to find an investigator to assist you with your criminal case. Look online at websites that focus on this field. You may also want to check with your local Police Department. There may be a good detective in your area that would be more than happy to help you out.