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Cell phone forensic science is the art of recovering digital information from a cell phone in an legal manner using established techniques. Cell phone forensics professionals are required in various capacities, depending upon the requirements of a particular case. There is no minimum educational qualification required for becoming a cell phone forensic professional. However, it helps to have some sort of practical experience in the related fields. It is a very complicated and specialized field and requires highly skilled technicians.

Cell Phone Forensics

The demand for such experts has been rising sharply as crime rate are rising. It is estimated that there are several cases where digital forensics professionals are deployed by law enforcement agencies. There are two types of professionals who work in this field: private cell phone forensic experts and federal law enforcement officials. They have different ways of working procedures. While the federal agents mainly deal in national level digital forensics cases, private cell phone forensic experts work on local and state level cases.

Digital evidence is any kind of data that can be extracted from any kind of electronic device. This can be done with the help of a computer and an appropriate software. The software helps in performing digital recovery, which means recovering any deleted or lost data from a cell phone. The most common tools used for digital forensics include digital recovery, file recovery, Live Extractor, Recovery Manager, Recover deleted Text, eTree, Live Writer and others.

One important aspect of cell phone forensics is mobile device manipulation. Experts working in this field usually manipulate digital data from cellular phones. It may include data from PDA handheld devices, digital cameras, digital audio tape, video tape, Global Positioning System, microphones and other wireless devices.

Sometimes expert cell phone forensics personnel also work as private investigators. In such cases the persons involved work as private investigators to serve the needs of their clients. Private investigators carry out investigations and gather evidence for legal proceedings by hacking into the devices of their clients. They use various techniques and methods to get access to passcodes, passwords, call history and text messages of the targeted phones.

Apart from performing digital forensics for corporate and government clients, some people also perform mobile forensics for private individuals. For instance, there are companies that offer services that help to recover mobile phone data. Such companies generally utilize digital recovery tools and other special software to recover information fromiphone, BlackBerry, mobile computers and PDA’s. Apart from corporate and government clients, these companies also provide mobile phone forensic services to individual users who have lost contact with their loved ones and want to know the status of their phones.

Today there are various companies that offer cellular forensics services. There are also numerous online sources that provide free advice and assistance to those who wish to pursue this career. It is important to note that you need to have a clear understanding of the laws in your region or state before carrying out digital cell phone forensics investigations. This is important as most investigation techniques are governed by federal and state laws.

As cell phones are now more commonly used in daily life, digital evidence for mobile phones is growing in importance. The cost of maintaining a smart phone has come down considerably making it a viable choice for many. Digital evidence collection from these devices can help prove guilt or innocence in a court of law. For this reason, it is important to understand that cell phone forensics professionals must acquire a lot of technical knowledge in order to collect, process, analyze and interpret the digital evidence collected. The information gathered from cell phones can be used in a court of law, or for further investigating by a private or public agency.