Call Detail Record Investigator

Cell Tower Mapping & Analysis


Call detail records (CDRs) can be critically important to a case as they may contain information about location or used to show parties were communicating. We can analyze and map CDR’s from all major phone providers. CDR’s can contain insightful metadata about telephone calls and SMS (text) messages for communications that pass-through UC telephony systems. The metadata collected includes a variety of information about the call or text message but does not contain the actual content of the communication. Some of the key information that CDRs commonly include are:

Caller’s phone number
• Recipient’s phone number
• Date and time call was placed
• Whether or not the call was connected
• Whether the call was a voice call or a text message
• Duration of the call

In addition we can map the cell towers that the device connected to which can be used to prove or disprove the device was in a specific area.

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