Cell Phone forensics

Cell Phone Forensics


Cell phones and mobile devices can prove to be valuable sources of information in many types of investigations.The devices are mini computers which are being carried around in a persons pocket.  We can forensically acquire and analyze data from most all smartphones. Including, call logs, texts, emails, internet history, chats, app data, contacts, maps, locations and much more!  We can also recover deleted data depending on the type of phone and make and model. 


Your cell phone likely contains more personal data than your wallet. It is a repository of every number you have ever called, every website you’ve used it to visit, every text you’ve ever sent, your location at any given time (as well as where you’ve gone in the past) and a host of other information. Cell phones can provide a treasure trove of data for investigators and the data frequently helps solve cases and win in court. If you’re not looking at cell phone evidence in every case you are missing valuable evidence.


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Cell Phones

 "Casey is a great investigator that has the background and education to  support his hard work. From investigations to cell phone/other digital  forensics:  He is the go-to-guy", David Jancha Nejame Law Firm

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Cell Phone/Social Media

 "I used them to do some cell phone  and social media forensics. They were  very professional and were able to get  me the data I needed. Would use him again if I ever needed it". Jessie H. 

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