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 Security  breaches and cyber related attacks cost organizations millions of  dollars in lost revenue every year. As new technologies continue to  emerge security administrators are struggling to keep up and are often  one step behind the attacker. We provide our clients with full incident  response and network forensic services. Every situation involving a  cyber related event is different and presents unique challenges, whether  it's an external attack or an internal employee attack we can help. Our  analysts have years of experience dealing with intrusion cases  and we  will work with you to simplify the process. We understand how valuable  you're IT assets are and we will strive to quickly identify, mitigate,  remediate and investigate all threats. We understand that there is  nothing more important than the confidentiality, integrity and  availability of your IT resources. With our background in criminal  investigations we will work with internal audit and security teams to  identify and track down the source of the attack.   

 We offer  several network set up and security solutions to small and medium sized  business as well as individuals in need of information assurance. We  have specialized services which are tailored towards small business  owners in need of information security. We have a unique approach which  provides clients with full network set up and security, but also  educates them about having a layered defense and how to protect  information assets as well as disaster preparation and data backups. We  assist clients with  not just securing their networks but making sure  they have a layered defense and that all of their information resources  are available when they need them most 


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