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With over 30 years of combined experience as Digital Forensic Experts we understand how to properly collect and analyze digital media. Let us help you analyze the evidence you need to win. We are Your Tampa Digital Forensic Investigators


Tampa Digital Forensic services

Your Tampa, FL Digital Forensic Experts

computer forensics

Tampa Computer Forensics

Computer Forensic Analysis on Desktops, Laptops, Extern Hard Disk Drives, SSD Drives, Flash Drives and more. We are Your Tampa Computer Forensic Experts.

cell phone forensics

Tampa Cell Phone Forensics

Cell Phone and Mobile Device Forensics using Cellebrite software. We can analyze and recover deleted data from all major smartphones. We are Your Tampa Cell Phone Forensic Experts.

Tampa Cellebrite Forensics

Cellebrite Certified Forensic Examiners, Full File System, Logical Extractions and Analysis. We are Your Tampa  Cellebrite Cell Phone Forensic Investigators.

network forensics

Tampa Network Forensics

Full packet inspection and analysis, from both live network data and pcap files, We can identify threats and information from network data. We are Your Tampa Network Forensic Investigators.

social media forensics

Tampa Social Media Forensics

We use state of the art forensic tools to properly acquire and document data from over 200 Social Media Platforms. We are Your Tampa Social Media Forensic Investigators.

cyber investigators

Tampa Cyber Investigators

We are subject matter experts in Cyber Investigations, from dark web cases to social media stalking and defamation. We know how to obtain the evidence you need. We are Your Tampa Cyber Investigators.

cyber breach investigators

Tampa Cyber Breach Investigations

We offer full scope Cyber Breach Investigations. From root cause analysis to threat mitigation and recovery. We are Your Tampa Cyber Breach Investigators.

email forensic investigators

Tampa Email Forensics

We can document, recover and analyze email s, including metadata from all major providers. Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Mbox and more. We are Your Tampa Email Forensic Investigators.

daytona beach social media investigators

Tampa Cell Tower Mapping

We use state of the art forensic tools to accurately map cell tower locations from all major providers. We also conduct analytics and analysis of call detail records. We are Your Tampa Cell Tower Experts.

Who we are

A Tampa, FL Digital Forensics Company

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Our Tampa Digital Forensic Investigators have over 30 years of combined Digital Forensic Experience.


We are fully licensed and insured by the State of Florida to provide investigative and forensic services. Just ask for references or resumes.


We are a professional Digital Forensic services company that was established in 2012 by former Law Enforcement Forensic Experts. We are committed to providing individuals, law firms and corporations with professional Digital Forensic services. We have become the go-to firm across the nation for anyone that is in need of a Digital Forensic Expert. Our experts have over 30 years of combined experience analyzing digital media and testifying about our findings. We provide clients with services they can count on and deliver the results they need.

Digital Forensic Services Tampa, FL

Our Tampa Digital Forensic Investigators

As former State and Federal Law Enforcement Forensic Experts we have thousands of hours, of hands-on experience conducting complex Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations. We provide Computer Forensic Services as well as Social Media Forensics, Cell Phone Forensics, Cellebrite Data Extractions, Cell Tower Mapping, as well as Cyber Breach Investigations. We have the experience and training to get you the results you need. We use cutting edge technology to extract and analyze data from digital media. Along with the industries best tools and programs to examine digital devices to identify the root cause of a problem or extent of a cyber breach or compromise. We can also recovery deleted data from most computers, cell phones as well as map cell towers and analyze call detail records from most major carriers.