Insurance Investigations

Insurance fraud can be financially cancerous for the insurer and requires knowledgeable investigators. We have the experience and tools to help insurance agencies fight insurance fraud at every step. Our investigators are subject matter experts and will uncover the truth about claimants believed to be exaggerating their injuries or misrepresenting facts related to there claim. We use the best surveillance equipment to document a claimants activities and provide you with a full report of our findings. If you’re looking for a reputable investigative agency to perform investigations for the purpose of fighting insurance fraud, contact us today for a free & confidential consultation. We provide services throughout the U.S. via our national partners. 

Our insurance fraud investigations are bundled to include the following, 

- Comprehensive background investigation on claimant including an asset search

- Mobile, stationary and electronic surveillance as needed

- Photo/Video documentation shared via a secured web portal

- Social Media search and documentation

In addition we will evaluate the case to see if any of our cyber forensic services would be of value. If those services are needed we will provide a discount of up to 50%. those services include the following.

- Cell tower mapping

- Communication analytics via call detail records

- Cell phone forensics

- Social Media & Cloud Forensics

- Expert opinion & testimony


Some Case Examples

Insurance Fraud


Obtained photo/video evidence of claimant doing vigorous activity which contradicted their statements under oath about the severity of their injuries. (lots more like this) 

Insurance Fraud

Cell Tower Mapping

 Used cell towers records to show a person was in  close proximity to where their vehicle was burned which contradicted their statement under oath that they were not in the area.  

Insurance Fraud

Communication Analytics

 Used call detail records and cell towers to show that a person who called in a fake hit and run accident was not in the area of the accident at all.  

Insurance Fraud

Cell Phone

 Individual filed a claim indicating his expensive car was stolen and later burned. Stating he had nothing to hide he provided his cell phone for examination. We recovered deleted evidence of his plan to burn out the car as well as location-based evidence that put him in the  area when the vehicle fire took place.  

Insurance Fraud

Social Media

Forensically squired social media data which displayed claimant doing activities which contradicted there statements.

Insurance Fraud

Cell Towers/ Communication Analytics

Mapped cell towers and completed analytics on call detail records related to conspiracy to commit fraud. 

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