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Surveillance Services

Over the past several years we’ve conducted surveillance services for cases set for family court, civil domestic matters, criminal cases on State’s witnesses, corporate investigations, insurance and workers compensation fraud. Not only does video & photographic evidence tell no lies, but it also provides the necessary documentation to validate your position when needed.

Video Surveillance

Our services include, but are not limited to: surveillance agents with camera equipment which enables them to obtain clear identifiable video from a distance to prevent detection, and undercover covert cameras to film inside buildings. All video evidence obtained by Daytona Investigator will be admissible in court settings. All of our Investigators have experience in providing testimony to courtrooms when needed.

Surveillance from a Distance

To remain undetected by the subject of the investigation is paramount. If the situation calls for it, our professional team(s) of investigators possess the skill, knowledge, and the equipment to remain stealth during stakeout and investigation scenarios. If needed, we can capture high quality visual recordings & photographs from hundreds of feet away.

Workplace Theft & Embezzlement Schemes

On a number of occasions our services have been retained by corporations hoping to capture video evidence of theft, internally and externally 

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Customer testimonials



"I was pretty sure my spouse was cheating on me so I hired these guys to  help prove it, sad to say I was right. It’s a sad situation but Premier Investigations was great. They were so professional, and their  communication was fast and efficient. I can’t thank them enough. They  not only delivered, they did it super-fast. I would definitely hire them  again for any type of investigative work". Kara Ann


" I recently used them for surveillance and they did a great job! They got  me all the evidence I need to make my case and came to court to  testify! They were very professional and knowledgeable. I pray I never  need to use a private investigator again but if I did it would be Premier Investigations". Beth R.