Cyber Cheating Investigations

If you suspect that your significant other is cheating or might be doing something behind your back, we can help you get the peace of mind you deserve with our cyber cheating investigations. Our cyber cheating investigations are great if you suspect your significant other could be on dating or hook-up apps or websites. Whether you just started dating or have been married for 20 years we can uncover the evidence you need. In cyber cheating cases, the person will often use an email or phone number that you didn’t even know they had to set up their profile. We use specialized forensic tools that can uncover these hidden or burner email addresses and phone numbers. Our in-depth cyber cheating investigations in Daytona Beach can uncover profiles on hundreds of dating and hook-up apps and websites. In addition to our standard cyber investigation, we can forensically document and preserve profile and app data, so you have the evidence you need!  Get a free consultation today with a Jacksonville Private Investigator.