White Label Digital Forensic Services

Your Digital Forensic Partner

Premier Investigations & Forensics has created a completely white label digital forensic partner program designed to help you make more money for your agency.  We are Your Trusted Digital Forensic Partners. Formerly U.S Cyber Corporation


The Program

Technology  is not going anywhere, in fact it continues to become more and more  complex each year. It is estimated that over 75% of all legal cases have a nexus to some form of technology. Our partner services are designed  to help other investigative agencies, consulting firms and businesses  expand there services, make more money and create a competitive  advantage. When you become a partner you are able provide a variety of  digital forensic and cyber services to your clients as your own. These  are white label services and  allow you to represent them as part of  your businesses service offerings. The means you can add them to your  website and include them in all your marketing materials.  As a partner  you get a special rate for all of our cyber forensics and can then  charge your customers whatever you thinks is reasonable. Partner  services work on both private and court appointed cases. We even provide  training on each service so you have an understanding of how it  works  and how it can be used to help your clients. This program cost you  nothing to implement and can be cancelled at anytime. In additional to our high tech services we also partner nationally with other agencies for surveillance, background checks and other traditional investigative services. Our partner services include the following. 

  • Computer Forensics
  • Cell Phone Forensics
  • Social Media & Cloud Forensics
  • Call Detail Record Analysis
  • Cell Tower Mapping
  • Internet of Things Forensics
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • High Tech Crime Investigation  Support
  • Cyber Consulting
  • Surveillance
  • Adds valued services to your clients
  • Costs you nothing to implement
  • Generates additional revenue for your business
  • Helps your business stand out and create a competitive advantage







Premier Investigations

our Partners can add the following forensic services

computer forensics

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensic Analysis on Desktops, Laptops, Extern Hard Disk Drives, SSD Drives, Flash Drives and more.

cell phone forensics

Cell Phone Forensics

Cell Phone and Mobile Device Forensics using Cellebrite software. We can analyze and recover deleted data from all major smartphones.

Cellebrite Forensics

Cellebrite Certified Forensic Examiners, Full File System, Logical Extractions and Analysis.

network forensics

Network Forensics

Full packet inspection and analysis, from both live network data and pcap files, We can identify threats and information from network data.

social media forensics

Social Media Forensics

We use state of the art forensic tools to properly acquire and document data from over 200 Social Media Platforms.

cyber investigators

Cyber Investigators

We are subject matter experts in Cyber Investigations, from dark web cases to social media stalking and defamation. We know how to obtain the evidence you need.

cyber breach investigators

Cyber Breach Investigations

We offer full scope Cyber Breach Investigations. From root cause analysis to threat mitigation and recovery.

email forensic investigators

Email Forensics

We can document, recover and analyze email s, including metadata from all major providers. Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Mbox and more.

daytona beach social media investigators

Cell Tower Mapping

We use state of the art forensic tools to accurately map cell tower locations from all major providers. We also conduct analytics and analysis of call detail records.

Who we are

private investigators orlando


Our Digital Forensic Investigators have over 30 years of combined Digital Forensic Experience.


We are fully credential in the field of digital forensic and have 100's of hours of advanced forensic training and certifications.


We adhere to a strict ethical code and believe in building a relationship built on honesty and integrity