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Professional Private Investigator & Digital Forensic Services

Founded in 2013 with trust

Founded by former Law Enforcement

We are a professional investigative and forensic agency that provides Private Investigator and Digital Forensic Services  Nationwide. We have been providing services since 2013 and are committed to providing individuals, law firms and corporations with professional Private Investigator and Digital Forensic services throughout the community. We have become the authority on Private Investigator services and our  Investigators and experts have over 30 years of combined experience. We provide clients with services they can count on and deliver the results they need.  We are fully licensed and insured to provide services.


Why Premier Investigations & Forensics

daytona beach private investigator


30+ years of combined experience in Private Investigations and Digital Forensics.

daytona beach private investigators


In addition to our decades of experience all of our investigators hold numerous certifications and attend annual training.

daytona beach private investigators


We are fully licensed and insured to provide Private Investigator & Digital Forensics Services.

daytona beach private investigators


We constantly strive to be the best at what we do and have been recognized as subject matters experts in our field.


Some Words From Our Clients

Jeff Higgins Attorney

“Working with Premier Investigations is a real benefit to my clients, there’s a knowledge, understanding of how cases work, and creativity for building defense theories that is a real value to the process. I will continue to use them as my investigators of choice”. Attorney Jeffery Higgins

Larry Avallone Attorney

“I used them on a case last month and it resulted in charges being dropped on both cases, Their experience and knowledge is exceptional ” Attorney Larry Avallone “

Dave Jancha Attorney

“Great investigators that have the background and education to support their hard work. From investigations to cell phone/other digital forensic service, they are the go-to-guys,” David Jancha, Jancha Law Firm.

Melissa Roberts Client

Wonderful Investigators who seemed to really care. They found the evidence I was looking for and really helped me out.

Becca Sorrentino Client

Great Cyber Investigators the recovered a bunch of deleted texts and calls for me.

Jenn Sweeny Client

Premier Investigation helped me uncover proof my husband was not being faithful. They provided me evidence that I was able to give to my attorney for my divorce case.