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We provide the following services for spousal investigations. If you need a spousal investigator contact us today. 

Uncover Hidden Data

Cheating Spouse Investigators
We can uncover hidden phone numbers and emails your significant other might be using withouth you knowing.
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Cell Phone Forensics

Infidelity Investigators
We can conduct remote and onsite cell phone forensic exams. This process will show you everything your significant other is doing and has deleted from there phone. You must have an ownership claim to the device to do the forensics.
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Surveillance Investigators
We have the expertise and high-tech equipment to get you the photo and video evidence you need. All our evidence is obtained using standard evidence collection procedures and is date and time stamped so it can be introduced in court.
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Deleted Data Recovery

Cheating spouse Investigators
Using special programs we can recover deleted data from cell phones and computers. Texts, Calls, Chats, Emails, Pictures, Videos and more. You must have an ownership claim to the device to do the forensics.
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Social Media ( Dating & Hook-Up Apps)

Cheating Investigators
Using specialized programs we can conduct in-depth detailed searches for profiles on dating and hook up websites and apps.
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Location Mapping

Cheating Spouse Investigators
Using special tools we can extract and map location data from cell phones and other digital devices.
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We are a professional investigative and forensic agency that provides Private Investigator and Digital Forensic Services. If you need a cheating spouse investigator, contact us for a Free Consultation.

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