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We are a professional private investigative agency & cyber forensic investigations company. We provide services in private investigations, digital/cyber forensics and intelligence. We have established ourselves as one of the leading firms in the industry by providing our clients  with services they can trust. Our experts have over 40 combined years of investigative experience working in both state and federal law enforcement. We have a proven track record of success and pride ourselves at being the best at what we do!
Our staff has years of experience with investigations and cyber forensics and we are committed to  providing you with superior services. We believe in building a solid  relationship that is built on honesty, integrity and trust.  

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Customer testimonials

Criminal Defense

 "Working with Premier- Investigations is a real benefit to my clients, there's a knowledge, understanding of how cases work, and creativity for building defense theories that is a real value to the process.  I will  continue to use them as my investigators of choice". Attorney Jeffery Higgins Daytona Defense

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Criminal Defense

 "I used them on two cases last month and it resulted in charges being dropped on both cases, Their experience and knowledge is exceptional " Attorney Larry Avallone 

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Criminal Defense

 " great investigators that have the background and education to  support their hard work. From investigations to cell phone/other digital  forensics:  they are  the go-to-guys," David Jancha, Jancha Law Firm.


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Cyber Investigation

 "Great Investigators! Recently used them for a cyber case, they were able  to capture all the data I needed from different social media accounts. I  got a report with exactly what I needed and gave it to my attorney who  got it introduced as evidence. Would use them again for sure". Jason T. 


 "I recently used them for surveillance and they did a great job! They were on the pricier side, but you get what you pay for and they got me all the evidence I need to make my case and came to court to  testify! They were very professional and knowledgeable. I pray I never  need to use a private investigator again but if I did it would be  Premier-Investigations". Beth R. 

Cell Phone/Social Media

 "I used Premier-Investigations to do some cell phone and social media forensics. They were very professional and were able to get me the data I needed. Would use him again if I ever needed it". Jessie H.

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Criminal Defense

" I had no idea how valuable a private investigator could be on my criminal case but they were awesome and uncovered some facts which helped me resolve my case, my offer when from prison to probation thanks to them" Jason S.


" They got me the photographic proof I needed" Martha H.

Criminal Defense/Cyber

" Used them to recover deleted texts critical to my case, they not only recovered the texts but prepared a report and rendered an expert opinion to my attorney" Markus L.


" I used them to conduct surveillance and they were able to get me video evidence that my spouse was at persons house when he was supposed to be working" Stephanie L.


" I felt I was being spied on and used them to scan my cell phone and laptop, they found that spyware had been installed on my phone. Brianna N.

Criminal Defense

"Wow can't say enough about these guys my son was charged with a crime and we hired them to assist the attorney, there knowledge and understanding of police investigations is amazing. There were able to identify numerous errors with the states case and even uncovered some new witnesses. They even went and visited my son at the jail every other week keeping him informed, worth every penny" Sherry T.


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